Key Factors to Consider When Strategizing Your 2022 Job Search

  • On January 20, 2022

After viewing the economic adjustments that occurred during the pandemic, studies found that 85% of job seekers are open to looking for new job opportunities for 2022. If you are considering a new job, now is the best time to create a strategy to ensure all effort leads to you landing your dream job.

During a stressful job search, it can be tempting to simply accept the first job that is offered. However, the Bureau of Labor and Statics (BLS) economic reports indicate there is a record-high number of job openings across the country. With more jobs than ever to choose from, job seekers have more leverage when it comes to finding a new position. Keeping this in mind, before you apply for a job, it may be worthwhile to do some research on companies that you want to work for. Review their information to understand the culture and goals of the company, and if those line up with your expectations present and future. If you find yourself in a position where there are multiple options available, take some time to evaluate your options and choose which makes the most sense for you in terms of wages, work-life balance and more.

Upskilling has been one of the biggest trends in the last several months by taking time to earn certifications or develop strong interpersonal skills that can help job seekers become more competitive candidates. There is no downside to learning a new skill, and it can help open up more doors into different roles and industries that may have not been within reach before. You can either take formal courses or simply take time on your own to improve skills like computer literacy, effective communication, and more.

There are a number of industries that are experiencing extreme labor shortages, including skilled trades, warehousing and manufacturing. If you have been toying with the idea of entering a new industry, now is the perfect opportunity. Not only will these industries be hiring in large volumes due to demand, but they are likely to be offering attractive wages and benefits in order to attract and retain new workers.

Corresponding with the increased demand for workers in specific industries, more and more employers will be evaluating candidates based on their interpersonal skills just as much as their technical experience. In fact, a recent study found that 93% of employers feel that soft skills are essential in new employees. This means regardless of whether or not a candidate has direct work experience to the job in question, soft skills like communication, problem-solving, attention to detail, and teamwork can be just as useful in helping them secure a new job. Take some time to think about what your strengths are and be sure to emphasize them when connecting with potential employers.

Searching for a job alone can be stressful and time-consuming. If you are struggling to find a job that you love on your own or apply but have no leads after, a staffing agency can provide support and insight into helping you land a new job. Collaborating with a staffing agent can provide and reduce the overall time it takes to find work. Staffing agencies possess a wide network of employers and contacts, as well as provide insight into your resume writing and interview preparation, which results in better visibility for employers. Select Staff Solve to assist, prepare and open new opportunities for you.

Staff Solve continues to provide high-quality candidates and jobs in diverse markets for over 27 years. Let us take the stress off you so you can focus on your business by finding the perfect applicant for the position. If you are looking for employment, please visit our job seeker page and check out our job board for current positions. If you would like more information about the services we offer companies, visit our employer page or contact us today.

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