Staff Solve works for you.

Whether your staffing need is for a temporary, temp to hire, direct placement position or payrolling, we are there to find the best fit for your organization.

Our sophisticated database, combined with our teams’ extensive network, gives us access to those candidates that cannot be found through Internet mining. 

Many companies are finding that partnering with a staffing agency helps meet the challenges of cost containment, shortages of skilled personnel, staff fluctuations, quality assurance, and technological advances. Staff Solve, Staff Logistics, and Staff Energy Resources offers flexible staffing solutions in response to these challenges.

As an employer, and a client of ours, you will benefit from our professional recruiting process, as we customize our services to meet your specific requirements. In addition to recruiting, we offer in-house background checks, SSA verifications, drug testing, skills testing, interviewing, and screening.

Background Checks

We conduct a national criminal background check and SSA verification, administer an on-site drug test, and e-verify every applicant.


We offer over 200 skills assessments and five language efficiency exams used to evaluate all candidates and meet an employer’s needs.


We conduct comprehensive face-to-face interviews with candidates to assess interpersonal skills and professional appearance.


Our candidates are screened by our experienced interviewers, allowing our employers to focus their time on their business priorities.

Staff Logistics

Staff Logistics is a full-service staffing agency tailored to provide quality logistics personnel in professional, industrial, and administrative positions.

Staff Energy Resources

Staff Energy Resources is a full-service staffing agency tailored to provide professional, industrial, and administrative personnel in the oil and gas market.

Positions We Fill

Based on our knowledge of the workforce and accomplished staff, Staff Solve has helped thousands of people and organizations for over 27 years.


We provide top-notch temporary candidates for employers. Our services give you the help you need without adding overhead or abiding to a long-term commitment. Hire a temporary employee as a short-term fill-in or for support during a project.


We are dedicated to finding temp-to-hire employees that can help reduce risks while filling critical vacancies in your business. Employers can try (or test) a candidate on the job or specific project to assess their skills and work ethic before extending an offer for employment.

Direct Hire

We provide high quality direct hire candidates for a flat fee to employers. Employers have access to better candidates more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, including those who are not actively searching, through our recruiting processes.


We handle the pay, withholding, and reporting hassles with payroll employees. With our comprehensive services, employers can easily transfer temporary employees they recruit on our payroll when budgets or policies don’t allow for a direct hire.