The Benefits of Temporary Employment: How Temp Jobs Can Enhance Career Development

  • On April 12, 2024

Companies often hire for temporary positions when extra help is needed on a large project or a replacement is needed for a short period. Temporary employment can be beneficial for both an employer and employees. Read on to learn about a few ways temporary work can be helpful for both parties.

Career Development

Temporary positions are a great resource for resume building and career development. Since it is a short-term position, employees may need to adapt quickly to an already established work environment and learn the workplace’s infrastructure. Adaptability is a sought-after skill in many job environments, as no work environment is identical.

Additionally, temporary employment can expand career opportunities, enabling employees to work in industries they may not have previously considered. Meeting people in a new industry can provide a wide network of contacts that will be beneficial if seeking a permanent position. A temp position can also have the potential to turn into a permanent role depending on the company’s needs.

Quicker Hiring Process

For many candidates, the hiring process can take up to a month, but since temp positions are fairly short-term, the hiring process is faster. A faster hiring process can reduce job searching stress and provide stability.

This quick hiring process is also beneficial to the employer because the new hire can often start right away, quickly filling in the role that’s needed.

Employer Benefits

Hiring for a temporary position is cost-effective and beneficial for the workplace overall. Bringing someone in to fill in the gaps over a short period helps reduce the workload that may have otherwise been allocated to the rest of the team.

Hiring a temporary employee may also be helpful for employers if another position in the company is available. This could function as a “trial period” and allow an employer to get to know a candidate’s work ethic before offering them a permanent position. This allows an employer to reduce the length of the hiring process and hire someone that they are already familiar with.

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