Landing Your Position with Help from a Staffing Agency

  • On June 1, 2023

A staffing professional can give you sound career advice and job leads, including those not listed on public job boards. Finding the right agency, however, can be tricky and tedious. Here are some helpful tips to think about when looking for the right staffing agency to help you land your dream job. 

Ask Questions
Every relationship begins with a getting-to-know-you phase. When selecting a recruiter, you want to be sure that they can help with your specific job search needs. Asking questions to understand your staffing agency is a great way to see if their work will help you achieve your professional goals. 

Let your staffing recruiter know what you’re looking for and what you’re not interested in. For example, the period of time you wished to be employed and location preferences (in-person or remote) are great starting points for recruiters to understand what your dream job looks like. If you are considering a position higher up or completely new, feel free to ask your agent realistic expectations about it, such as compensation, skills and job duties.

Be clear about your salary history, the responsibilities you held at previous positions and why you left past roles. If there are personal obligations that might impact your availability, notify your staffing agency representative. Be honest about your expectations so your recruiter finds exactly what you’re looking for and the benefits you value. 

Keep in mind, if your recruiter suggests some positions that don’t perfectly match your desired location, rate of pay or exact position, that is okay. They want to provide as many options as possible so you can start working sooner rather than later. Holding out for that perfect job could leave you waiting forever.

Work On Both Ends
Recruiters give guidance to those they try to help, but there is sometimes work required from you. For example, you must write your own resume but a staffing agent can look it over and give you advice on how to make it better. Recruiters can provide an objective view of your chances of landing a job, which is critical as you move forward in the hiring process. 

Many recruiters continue to deliver guidance while you’re on assignment, especially while you’re new. If you’re hired for a full-time role, make a point to keep the recruiter who helped you in your professional network. You never know when you might decide to launch a new job search or when one of your contacts needs assistance making their next career move.

Share The Love
When you find a staffing agency you love to work with, consider recommending the business to friends and colleagues. Great referrals can help to raise your profile and may inspire recruiters to think of you as new job opportunities arise.

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