Key Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

  • On September 7, 2023

Just as an employer would interview a job candidate, it is equally as important for a job candidate to interview their potential employer in order to determine whether the two are compatible.

One of the most common interview questions applicants are asked is, “Why do you want to work here?” This is asked because employers want to be sure that new hires are serious about the position and interested in being part of the organization for the long term. Below are a few questions to ask the employer to better understand why you may truly want to work there, as well as to show your interest in the position through inquisition.

  • Learn about the company’s evaluation process. Ask questions related to performance and success within individual positions and teams.
    • How could I impress you in the first three months?
    • How will you measure the success of the person in this position?
    • What are you hoping this person will accomplish in their first six months and in their first year?
  • Show that you’re a go-getter by expressing your interest in learning and growing professionally. Ask the interviewer questions that show you’re interested in improving. Let them know you’re hoping to work for a company that values knowledge and will support career advancement.
    • What professional development opportunities are available to employees?
    • Have employees previously in this role advanced in the company? What kinds of roles do they have now?
    • Are there training programs available to employees?
  • Learn more about the role. Ask a question or two to help better understand what the role will entail.
    • Can you describe a typical day for the person in this role?
    • What are some of the first projects the person in this role will work on?
    • What skills or qualities do you think are most important to succeed in this role? At this company?
  • Learn about the employer. You’ll want to know more about the company and employees, but also do your research! Try to avoid asking questions that can be answered by Google; ask valuable questions about the employer that only an insider might know.
    • What are the most important company values?
    • What are the biggest goals for the company?
    • What excites you most about the company’s future?
  • Learn about the company’s hiring process. Express an interest in moving forward and understanding expectations for next steps within the company’s specific hiring process
    • Is there anything else I can give you that would be helpful in making a decision?
    • When should I expect to hear back from you?
    • Can I answer any final questions for you?

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