How to Enhance Your Collaboration Skills

  • On May 26, 2022

Throughout our education, we have been taught and told to enhance our collaboration skills through projects and assignments. Collaboration skills are an invaluable asset in workplaces that many companies look for in their job candidates when hiring. It also includes a range of skills, such as clear communication, problem-solving, empathy and accountability. There are several methods to enhance your collaboration skills so for your next interview, you can confidently highlight it as a major skill. 

Step outside your comfort zone and take on projects that are outside your area of specialization. This forces candidates to rely on the expertise of others to ensure the project or task is done correctly. This also benefits the applicant by adding a new skill set that can open more opportunities. Technology has made communication easier to provide multiple channels to support collaboration. This also improves an employee’s time management by ensuring timely responses for all communication. 

It’s good to recognize when coworkers have expertise in certain areas and ask for their input. Likewise, use your know-how to help others, even when there doesn’t seem to be a direct benefit to you. Mentorship is a great asset to enhance your collaboration skills and provides other long-term benefits for both the mentor and mentee. Another option is to enroll in classes or attend webinars and seminars that focus on boosting collaboration and teamwork skills.

Industry associations and conferences are excellent resources for the professional development of a variety of skills. Volunteering on a committee can be a good way to expand your network while harnessing your collaboration skills outside of the workplace. Icebreaker questions might seem silly, but time spent working with a group toward the same goal helps strengthen your ability to collaborate by understanding others. This can also lead to improvements in overall performance for each member.

There are some other things that will help you boost your workplace collaboration skills. When you work with a team, put the needs of the group ahead of your own. When you collaborate on interdepartmental projects, be receptive to differing perspectives and knowledge. Share your ideas while listening to the input of others. All these efforts will go a long way toward enhancing your collaboration skills and overall abilities in the workplace.

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