Evaluating Current and Future Opportunities

  • On September 29, 2023

Whether you are seeking a career change for upward mobility, change of pace, or a
higher salary, self-reflection and an understanding of what to expect when beginning the
search in terms of process, timeline, and the current job market are all important.
Periodically reviewing your role within a company to determine if it’s still fulfilling your
goals and expectations can be healthy. Oftentimes, a look at what’s working and is not
working can be improved by understanding what you’d like to improve and having a
conversation with your supervisor to see if that outlook is within the scope of your
current company.

Weigh Pros and Cons of Your Current Position
An initial step when evaluating your current work situation is to look at where you are
right now and determine if, overall, you feel happy and fulfilled. Additionally, considering
your history of advancement and improvement at the current company in comparison to
previous jobs can be helpful to understand realistic expectations.
If the result of the internal evaluation of your current job is not positive, work through the
following questions to better understand a potential solution.

  1. What is the current job market like (view our latest monthly job report for detailed
  2. Are you really ready to leave your company, or are you simply looking to improve
    the situation? The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but in some
    cases it is.
  3. Could a conversation with your manager solve the problems you outlined?
  4. Would career development or higher education improve your current situation?
    Perhaps the current company supports one or both of these options.
  5. Would transferring to a different department, or taking on new responsibilities that
    further your career development within the same company, improve the outlook?
    Maybe your current employer has a more unique position or opportunity for you
    than a new company would.
    When reviewing current and future opportunities, there’s a variety of factors that come
    into play. Understand that stability and a strong resume with years at each company can
    be valuable. So, if improving your situation at the current company is an option, have
    the tough conversations that could improve your title, day to day tasks, salary, and

Future Opportunities
When evaluating future opportunities, pre-determining top priorities, upward mobility,
company culture, and work-life balance can be invaluable. Stepping back and
objectively reviewing things that remain significantly positive (or negative) at current and
previous jobs can help with making a decision regarding what you will need from a new
role to make the switch.
When considering a new opportunity, review online information about the company and
team members extensively to better understand the culture and presented trajectory. If
these don’t line up in excess of your current position, don’t force the move. Remember,
pre-planning and regularly evaluating options means you’re in the driver’s seat. If you’re
making a move, make sure it’s in the right direction.
If you are struggling to find a job that you love on your own or apply but have no leads
after, a staffing agency can provide support and insight into helping you land a new job.
Collaborating with a staffing agent can provide and reduce the overall time it takes to
find work. Staffing agencies possess a wide network of employers and contacts, as well
as provide insight into your resume writing and interview preparation, which results in
better visibility for employers. Select Staff Solve to assist, prepare and open new
opportunities for you.
Staff Solve continues to provide high-quality candidates and jobs in diverse markets for
over 27 years. Let us take the stress off you so you can focus on your business by
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