Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

  • On February 20, 2020

Staffing agencies provide many different services and can offer long term savings of time and money involved in the hiring process. Using a staffing agency who specializes in the recruitment and testing of candidates can be much more beneficial and efficient to companies, especially small businesses lacking internal recruiters.

Here are a few of the benefits of working with a staffing agency:


Staffing agencies take care of the tedious hiring process, some conducting background checks, SSA verification, and on-site drug testing. They can also offer many different skill assessments, language efficiency exams, and interviews to evaluate strengths and ensure they meet an employer’s needs.

Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency - Staff Solve


 A staffing agency is truly a long term investment, optimizing time and funds for the good of the company. By using an agency, your company can save on costs relating to the testing and screening of candidates and as well as the costs of staffing recruitment personnel. You can save time that would be spent on the recruiting process and instead use it to focus on more important business matters. Lastly, avoid the financial burden of workers comp, taxes, and unemployment insurance in the case of a necessary downsizing.


In most cases, staffing agencies have large networks of workers that can fit the position you are trying to fill. Where your company may struggle to find qualified candidates, a staffing agency has already formed relationships with many individuals that could be contacted and easily brought in. Staffing agencies can typically fill a position in a matter of days, where the same position could take much longer for a company to advertise, acquire interest, and interview potential candidates. 

Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency - Staff Solve

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