Techniques for Recruiting Recent Graduates

  • On June 22, 2022

The last couple of years has shaken the job market, from pandemic layoffs to employee shortages. However, another struggle is beginning to emerge for companies looking to hire: how can we best connect with recent college graduates? People in today’s workforce who are considered to be Generation Z are a lot more vocal about various aspects of their job, especially when compared to their older counterparts. 

Recent surveys have noted several factors that contribute to Generation Z and the jobs they find valuable. One major aspect recent graduates value is a focus on mental health, which involves having mental health days or mental health training. This is primarily to help employees manage the stress and pressure that work can sometimes bring. Additionally, the survey concluded that over 90% of recent graduates in today’s workforce experience at least one symptom of stress, with the added lack of mental health awareness in the office, which leads to burnout as well as lack of work-life balance. Eventually, this becomes the ultimate reason why the younger generation in the career world leaves their current position. 

College graduates and young professionals in the workforce are more diverse and socially conscious, which means that older recruiting tactics and benefits may not be effectively working. Instead, they are motivated to work for companies that share those same, diverse values or are making changes to improve their community and their employees. Other values of the younger workforce, beyond diversity and compassion, include equity, inclusion, environmental responsibility, and commitment to social causes. 

This major movement in today’s job market has shown its true colors due to the Great Resignation, in which a lot of the older generations in the labor market decided to retire. The result? Companies have to recruit younger talent to fill up positions and change recruiting methods to ensure they are related to the newer generations. If not, younger professionals will quit their job within the next 12 months due to unsatisfactory salary, burnout and lack of work-life balance, and not doing what they are passionate about, according to surveys.

Offering an office environment with core values that foster compassion, workplace training or a supportive team, and having managers that are empathic and honest are top reasons for younger generations to join a company, as the study found that over half the respondents believe they are paid fairly. 

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